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Real Estate

Property Law which is part of Greek Civil Law practically covers the law on a variety of issues related to real estate rights.

Usually, our comprehensive range of services to such matters includes the provision of advisory services for the acquisition or transfer of property acting for both the sellers or the buyers of the property, as the case maybe.

We are also involved in the drafting and negotiating of commercial agreements (ex. credit agreements or other) that require our involvement regarding issues of registration of mortgages and prenotation of mortgages for security purposes.

Our firm has also handled successfully disputes before the Greek Courts related to property rights and has acquired a significant experience and expertise to estimate the importance of potential issues related to real property, while we have carried out numerous due diligence work relating to property law located all over Greece.

Our team has over 25 years of experience on a plethora of real estate legal matters and through all these years has acted on behalf of greek and foreign clientele (indicatively US, Europe, Middle East etc.), either legal entities or private individuals.

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